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CoverT71_FR.qxd_CoverF Vuvi AFRIQUE P.28 AOA P.53 ARTCURIAL P.41 ARTE Y RITUAL II ASSAYAG P.31 BARBIER-MUELLER P.162 BLACKBURN P.159 BONHAMS P.57 BOVIS P.3 BROWN P.48 CHRISTIE’S P.25 CLAES P.12-13 CONRU P.29 COUE P.45 DARTEVELLE P.4 DE GRUNNE IV DIMONDSTEIN P.32 DODIER P.161 DOROTHEUM P.61 DOUSTAR P.47 ENTWISTLE P.7 FALCON P.161 FERRANDIN P.9 FISCHBACHER P.155 FLAK P.16 FOURNIER P.165 FRÖHLICH P.19 GERMAIN P.1 HAMSON P.5 HOURDE P.10-11 KORTMANN P.161 LARROQUE P.165 LEMPERTZ P.59 LEVY P.163 MARCELIN P.159 MATA P.52 MC CUE P.168 MESTDAGH III MEYER P.15 MONBRISON P.14 MURRAY P.17 MUSEE DU QUAI BRANLY P.160 NEUMEISTER P.63 NAOUM P.38 PACE PRIMITIVE P.18 PARIS TRIBAL P.39 PUSACK P.29 RATTON P.27 ROSENTHAL P.49 SAO P.37 SCHOFFEL P.168 SCHOFFEL VALLUET P.154 SIMONIS P.37 SIS TATU P.163 SOTHEBY’S P.21-23 TESSIER-SARROU P.51 THE DALLAS MUSEUM OF ART P.154 THE NELSON ATKINS MUSEUM P.158 THROCKMORTON P.55 TISCHENKO P.35 ZEMANEK-MUNSTER P.59 CONTRIBUTORS TO THE SPRING 2014 EDITION Richard Aldridge is an Australian-based private dealer with considerable field experience specializing in the art of New Guinea. Alex Arthur is the publisher and art director of Tribal Art magazine. Harry Beran, retired senior lecturer in philosophy at the University of Wollongong, is an extensively published expert in the art of New Guinea. Marie-Thérèse Brincard is the curatorial advisor for African art at the Neuberger Museum of Art. Winfield Coleman is a San Francisco–based independent scholar specializing in Native American and Pacific art and culture. Jan-Lodewijk Grootaers is head curator for the arts of Africa and the Americas at the Minneapolis Institute of Arts. Lorenz Homberger is curator for the arts of Africa and Oceania at the Rietberg Museum in Zurich. Manuel Jordán is chief curator and director of collections at the Musical Instrument Museum in Phoenix and is an extensively published Africanist specializing in Chokwe art and culture. Elena Martínez-Jacquet is editor in chief for Europe and special issues manager of Tribal Art magazine. Amy J. Staples is senior archivist at the National Museum of African Art, Smithsonian Institution. Julien Volper has a doctorate in art history and is assistant curator in the ethnography section of the Musée Royal de l’Afrique Centrale in Tervuren. He is especially interested in the ancient arts of Congo. TRIBAL ART (ISSN 1379-1940) is published quarterly for $85 per year by Primedia sprl BP 18 Arquennes, Belgium POSTMASTER: Send address changes to: TRIBAL ART Magazine BP 18 - 7181 Arquennes (Belgium) The publishers cannot accept responsibility for unsolicited manuscripts or material. The publishers cannot accept responsibility for objects advertised or statements made in advertising. Inquiries or complaints regarding specific advertisements should be taken up directly with the advertiser. © Primedia sprl. All rights reserved. SUBSCRIPTIONS Dorothée Duval Tel.: +32(0)67 877 277 Fax: +32(0)67 210 177 ADVERTISING Noëlle Ghilain Tel.: +32(0)67 877 277 Fax: +32(0)67 210 177 Editor in Chief Jonathan Fogel Editor in Chief for Europe and Special Issues Manager Elena Martínez-Jacquet Marketing & Development Noëlle Ghilain Circulation Manager Dorothée Duval Copy Editors Bob Christoph - Gaëlle Cueff, Caroline Lataste-Gross Translations David Rosenthal, Right Ink Prepress Graficazeta (Milan, Italy) Printing Cassochrome (Waregem, Belgium) Publisher and Artistic Director Alex R. Arthur General Manager Pierre Moos Legal Advisor Yves-Bernard Debie Correspondents Antonio Aimi Ari Birnbaum Winfield Coleman Julian Harding Noëlle Rathmell-Stiels Arnold Wentholt Special thanks to: Didier Claes, Frederic Cloth, Bernard de Grunne, Guido Gryseels, Carolyn Yacoe ADVERTISERS

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